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Weber Q3200 Portable Grill Reviews

Weber has been making grills for five decades, the granddaddy of barbeques. And they’re still cooking, still innovating and coming up with advanced models and accessories. Their motto is “By grillers, for grillers.”

The Weber Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill is … Read the rest

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Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill – 2015

Within the Weber Company, the Summit line of grills is considered to be the highest quality available. Speaking specifically, the Summit S-and E-470 are also thought to be the top-of-the-line in the Summit family. The big difference between these two … Read the rest

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Weber Summit S-670 Grill Reviews and Overview

The Summit S-670 earns 5 starsan excellent 5 of 5 star rating.
Calling it the “Cadillac of Grills” the S-670 will grill and sear steak, cook rotisserie chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables, make delicious seafood, juicy and tender lamb, or pizza.
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Weber Q200 Grill Reviews

The Weber Q200 portable grill is perhaps the most popular portable grill in the Weber q grill family. The Weber q200 grill is a combination of a high performance cooking system that folds for carrying, making it a powerful, portable … Read the rest

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Weber Genesis E-310 Overview

Looking for “THE” perfect grill? Look no further than the Weber Genesis E-310 gas grill. New for 2011, the Weber Genesis E-310 has control knobs on the front of the grill instead of the side table, and this greatly improves … Read the rest

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Weber Q 100 Grill Review

The Weber Q 100 grill is…well…great! The Weber Q100 has loads of great reviews on Amazon, and there is good reason why. However, does this mean that the Weber Q 100 grill is right for you? The Weber Q 100 … Read the rest

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Best Backpacking Stoves for 2013


When selecting the best stove for your backpacking trip, a few key points should be considered. Those key points include

  1. Weight: In general, the lighter the stove the better. A few ounces saved now can really add up when
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Electric vs Wood Smokers

A smoker is a cooking device designed to cook beef, pork, chicken, lamb or fish using low heat. Because of it’s low-heat setting, smokers typically take a little longer to fully cook, but one of their advantages is that it … Read the rest