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Recipes, tips, and gear reviews designed to better your meals cooked outdoors. Whether you use a grill, smoker, solar cooker, or camp stove, we have something for you.

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GrillJet helps you make mostly healthy family-friendly grilled or solar cooked foods. Food that your kids will eat. Foods that are fast to make on a weeknight after work.

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Grilled Chicken and Pineapple
Grilling recipes

Grilling & BBQ Recipes

Recipes for easy and healthy grilling for meats and veggies. Also find tips on making good low-and-slow BBQ.

Solar Oven recipes

Solar Cooking

Cook outdoors using only 100% clean and free sunlight. Get tips and recipes to get the most out of your solar cooker.

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Gear Reviews

Get detailed reviews on today’s top grills, smokers, solar cookers, and outdoor cooking accessories.

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Comparing the Sun Oven to the GoSun Fusion

Comparing the Sun Oven to the GoSun Fusion

All-American Sun Oven The Sun Oven has been selling solar ovens since 1986! They are made in the USA and take quality very seriously. These ovens are truly built to last. You can take this oven anywhere. From boating to camping, or to keep on hand in case of emergency...

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The Game-Changing Technique for Sun Oven BBQ Ribs.

The Game-Changing Technique for Sun Oven BBQ Ribs.

Are you tired of the same old barbecue baby back ribs recipe that everyone seems to be using? Get ready to up your grilling skills with a game-changing method for delicious solar-cooked ribs! I'll teach you how to cook delicious ribs using just the sun and an All...

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Jamaican Jerk Mop Sauce Recipe

Jamaican Jerk Mop Sauce Recipe

This mop sauce works great with our Jamaican Jerk Rub recipe!  Use the rub before you put your dinner on the grill or in the Sun Oven. Then finish it off with this sweet and spicy Jamaican Mop Sauce! Jamaican Jerk Mop Sauce Great for ribs or chicken. A combo of sweet...

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