Masterbuilt Butterball Oil Free Indoor Turkey Fryer 20100809

///Masterbuilt Butterball Oil Free Indoor Turkey Fryer 20100809

Masterbuilt Butterball Oil Free Indoor Turkey Fryer 20100809

Masterbuilt Butterball Oil-Free Turkey Fryer ReviewsThe Masterbuilt Butterball Oil-free Electric Turkey Fryer, model 20100809, uses radiant heat to give you a turkey with a crisp shell but a juicy, tender inside.  The fryer will cook turkeys up to 18 pounds at a rate of about 10 minutes per pound.  It should only be used outside for safety reasons.  The adjustable thermostat keeps the fryer from overheating.  It has a double-wall construction, a drip pan that you can pull out, and a wood chip tray if you want to smoke the turkey rather than fry it.

Love deep-fried turkey, but aren’t crazy about surrounding your fowl with unhealthy oil? Turn to the Masterbuilt Butterball oil-free electric turkey fryer, a high-performing alternative to traditional fryers developed with the health-conscious in mind. The oil-free fryer is designed to give you perfectly moist meat with a tender crisp. It tastes like fried turkey and looks like fried turkey, but it uses no oil whatsoever.

User Reviewed Pros:

  • Owners of this fryer appreciate the juiciness of the turkeys made in it.
  • When compared to oven roasted turkeys, most users reported that they preferred the turkey cooked in this appliance.
  • Users also complimented the fact that you don’t have the mess involved with using fryers that require oil.
  • Most people like the fact that this fryer will catch drippings.
  • People with peanut allergies can enjoy a “fried” turkey because most fryers require the use of peanut oil, but this fryer is oil-free.

Masterbuilt Butterball Oil-Free Turkey Fryer – What the Reviews Say…

The Masterbuilt Oil-free electric turkey fryer is a great option for those who want the taste of a fried turkey without all the mess that goes along with it.  Although it is technically not a fryer, most people who use this appliance say that the turkey made in it does taste just like a fried turkey.  The skin gets very brown and crispy while the inside of the turkey remains moist and flavorful.  By far the number one compliment from this appliance is that it makes great turkey, although several users do note that it doesn’t smoke turkeys very well. 

Another big advantage of using this appliance over a regular turkey fryer is the fact that there is no oil.  It is a lot less messy than traditional turkey fryers, and you don’t have to use peanut oil, which causes severe allergic reactions in some people.  Additionally, a drip pan catches all the drippings so that you can make gravy.

Most people who reviewed this fryer/roaster gave it four or five stars.  There were a handful of three stars and just a few stars below that.  The reviews from users who gave it a low star count reported isolated incidents of the fryer not working properly.  The other thing that caused a lower star rating was from people who wanted a fryer and were disappointed that this is technically a roaster.  These reviewers, for the most part, did not even try cooking with the roaster.  They simply returned it without even using it because they were set on having a fryer.

Most people agree with this list of benefits:

  • Tender, moist turkey
  • Drip pan catches drippings to make gravy with
  • No oil required
  • The taste of a fried turkey without the frying
  • Less mess

Most owners who reviewed this turkey fryer/roaster used it several times before posting their reviews.  Most of them were very impressed with the way that this appliance turns a roasted turkey into a bird that tastes fried.


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