Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill Reviews

by | Apr 2, 2015

Note:  The information below is about the generation I Genesis grill, and that grill is now depreciated.  Please click here for updated information on the Genesis II E-310 grill.

The Weber Genesis E-310 is the base model of the Genesis series of grills. Owners of this grill agree that the Genesis E-310 is the best gas grill for the price and size. In comparison, there are lower-priced grills, but reviewers are quick to claim that you get what you pay for. Weber grills, including the E-310 are backed by a long warranty and a history of helpful customer service.

Overall rating based on over 180 user reviews:
Five stars
5 stars for a “Superb” rating.

User Reviewed Pros:

  • It’s a Weber – get what you pay for.
  • Solid warranty.
  • 24-hour Weber customer service.
  • Dependable and looks good.
  • Moderately priced compared to other Genesis grills.

User Reviewed Cons:

  • Higher cost than other grills with same basic features.

Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill Overview

The Genesis E-310 is appreciated for the side table, front-mounted control knobs, and cast-iron cooking grates. Weber’s trademark Flavorizer bars hold and distribute heat while avoiding dangerous flare-ups that can ruin the food, or worse. Reviews from consumers are impressed with the bars that are angled to vaporize food drippings, adding more flavor to chicken, pork, beef and fish as you grill.

Other popular reviews add the convenience of the precision fuel gauge that indicates when to change fuel canisters. The crossover ignition system is a favorite because each of the three burners can start with the push of a button. Another convenience is the center-mounted thermometer that keeps track of the cooking surface temperatures. Owners of the E-310 grill claim that each of these features adds to the value of the grill.

One comment in reviews, neither pro nor con, is that this E-310 model has a side table in place of a side burner. Weber research has learned that not every griller uses a side burner, so for consumers that want that feature, Weber designed the Genesis E-320 for a few more dollars. At the end of the day, everybody’s happy.

Most owners that sent in reviews chose the E-310 because it did not have a side-burner, and the price was moderate. Other grills in the Genesis series are stainless steel models, which are beautiful when they are new, but much harder to keep looking clean and new, also for a few more dollars. The E-310 three-burner grill is available in the favorite Black, original Copper, or a unique color of Green.

Reviewers are happy with the Weber Genesis E-310 for its stable and easy to assemble, with more than enough shelf space. Experts and rookies claim this grill will last for years. Add to the durability, the 10-year limited warranty on the burner tubes, and warranties on other parts that are covered for as short as 2 years, and as long as twenty-five years. And it gets even better with 24-hour customer service.

Overall, 5 stars for the Weber Genesis E-310 is happy with a great cooking experience and the same great Weber quality that should last 10 years or more, if properly taken care of. New owners claim that they use this E-310 gas grill more than they anticipated because it is so easy to use.

Reviews researched:

  • 53 reviews  Product Reviews
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  • Wal-Mart: 4 reviews  Product Reviews
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    Overall CR Score: 84/100
    Ranked #5 of all grills tested