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Weber Genesis II 600 Series Grills

Weber Genesis II 600 Series Grills Comparison


The Weber Genesis II 600 Series grills include the E-610, LX E-640 and LX S-640. These are big grills for big families and people who love to entertain. All the grills in the Genesis II series are getting lots of attention for the GS4 Grilling System, which is resulting in fewer flare-ups and a more uniform cooking experience.

Genesis E-610 Grill


Weber Genesis E-610

Four stars
Overall Rating: 5.0/5
Number of Reviews: 3 (as of September 22, 2017)
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Genesis LX E-640 Grill


Weber Genesis II LX E-640

Four stars
Overall Rating: 3.8/5
Number of Reviews: 10 (as of September 22, 2017)
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Genesis LX S-640 Grill


Weber Genesis II LX S-640

Four stars
Overall Rating: 3.7/5
Number of Reviews: 10 (as of September 22, 2017)
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Features in All of the 600 Series Grills


Each grill in the Genesis II line boasts Weber’s new GS4 Grilling System, with four main features:

  • Better burner control: the design has improved the gas flow, resulting in heat that is more evenly distributed. Cooks appreciate the more uniform cooking experience they are getting.
  • Electronic ignition: this lets the cook turn on each burner individually. All it takes is turning a knob, very simple.
  • Grease management system: this is the number one feature that people comment on the most. It is reducing the number of flare-ups that occur, a constant complaint of anyone who likes to grill. It is designed to make getting rid of the excess grease, the part that isn’t vaporized.
  • Better Flavorizer bars: the heat deflectors help to distribute the heat throughout the cookbox. The cook gets more uniform heat on the cooking surface.

All of the models come iGrill ready. The buyer needs to purchase the system separately.


Digital Temperature Control with iGrill


The iGrill is the Bluetooth thermometer system available now on the 600 Series of Weber Genesis II grills. Cooks can keep track of the temperature of cooking food just by checking their smartphone or tablet. They don’t have to get up, lift the grill lid and check the meat or other food for doneness.

The cook needs to buy the iGrill system separately, then download the app to the mobile device. It makes it simple to check how food is progressing, without walking over to the grill. When the temperature reaches the done point, the app sounds an alarm.


Updated Warranties


With the new Genesis II models comes a new system of warranties based on individual components. Here is a brief summary. For specific information, check online.

  • Burners, Flavorizer bars, cooking grates and the grease management system made of stainless steel: 10 years
  • Flavorizer bars and cooking grates made from porcelain-enamel: 5 years
  • Cookbox and lid: 10 years for no rust or burn through. The paint is covered for 2 years, not including fading or discoloration.
  • Ignition system: 10 years, not including the battery
  • Other parts: 2 years



The E-610 is big. It has 6 burners and provides the cook with 770 square inches of cooking space, with an additional warming rack of 228 square inches. The main burners put out 60,000 BTU. The cooking grates and Flavorizer bars are porcelain-enameled.

Like all Genesis II 600 Series grills, the E-610 has the GS4 Grilling system and comes iGrill ready. The cart has an open design, with no cabinets below the cooking area. It does have side tables with tool hooks.

The unit is large, but still easy to move, with its two swivel, locking casters and two large wheels. The unit is porcelain enameled steel, with black lid finish.

This unit has much in common with the Weber Summit 620 and Summit 670 units. The big difference is the fact that the new Genesis II models are updated with the GS4 Grilling System. The Summit 620 has 838 square inches of cooking space and it has an enclosed design. The Summit 670 has 624 square inches of cooking space, with 145 on the warming rack. It also has an enclosed design.




  • Users like how sturdy it is.
  • Even cooking temperature
  • Lights up right away




  • Made in China. Earlier models were made in the USA.



LX E-640 and LX S-640


The LX E-640 and S-640 are the same unit with one distinction. The E means the unit has a porcelain-enameled finish, the S means it is stainless steel. Both are deluxe units, as indicated by the LX in the name.

These units are for serious grillers with lots of hungry people to feed. Each unit has six burners, providing 770 square inches of cooking area and 228 on the warming rack. The burners put out 72,000 BTU. The burners and Flavorizer bars are stainless steel.

It has side tables with tool hooks, and extra storage space in the grill cabinet below the cooking area. The lid is higher than the E-610 unit. It is easy to move around due to the two swivel, locking casters and the two large wheels.




  • Good conversation starter with bragging rights, a “big boy grill”
  • Cooks enough food for “a small army”




  • Not made entirely of stainless steel


600 Series Best Features


The three 600 Series of Weber Genesis II grills make a good impression with their:

  • The big size lets serious cooks and those who love to entertain produce lots of food at a single meal.
  • They are iGrill ready, a big plus for serious cooks who have been requesting digital thermometers.
  • The temperature on the cooking surface stays uniform throughout. This means the cook has better control over the final results.
  • It is simple to turn on or off just one burner at a time with the new ignition system. With six burners, that’s a very handy feature.

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