Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill Review

by | Jun 2, 2015

The Weber Genesis S-310 is very similar to the Weber Genesis E-310. The Genesis S-310 is primarily the same grill, except that the S-310 is stainless steel. Owners of this grill especially like the Weber trademark Flavorizer bars and stainless steel burners. The 507 square inch cooking area is just the right size for most families.

Weber Genesis S-310 ReviewsOverall rating based on over 87 user reviews:
Five stars
4.5 stars for an “Excellent” rating.

User Reviewed Pros:

  • Extremely well constructed.
  • Even heating across the entire surface.
  • Easy cleanup.
  • The stainless steel finish make the grill look great in the back yard.

User Reviewed Cons:

  • Rainwater can get into the grill vents if left uncovered.
  • Only has three burners.
  • Editor’s Note:  Most of the negative reviews that we found referred to getting rain water and other moisture in the grill. One user reported rust after one year.  We suggest that with the Genesis S-310, as with ANY grill, that you always keep it covered when not in use.

Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill Overview

Consumers that bought the Weber Genesis S-310 grill were especially happy with the choice of Liquid Propane and natural gas for their fuel. Even for a small grill, the S-310 has three stainless steel burners giving you flexibility in your grilling adventure. More features owners liked were the center-mounted, accurate thermometer and the enclosed storage tank.

Common to the Genesis series of grills, the S-310 has individual electronic for each of the three burners. Owners say this is especially convenient when cooking for a small group, you don’t have to light up all burners unless you need them. On the LP models the S-310 has an enclosed tank storage area, but some reviewers complain that the propane tank is not included. Reviewers of the natural gas S-310 appreciate the 10-foot flexible hose that is included.

Some owners admitted that they previously had a grill with a side-burner that was never used. That helped in their decision to buy the lower-priced S-310 without a side-burner. Assembly may be a little time-consuming, but necessary. Upon delivery the exposed stainless steel surfaces are covered with a plastic film for protection. These need to be peeled off before grilling.

The consumer reviews of the LP model indicate that 77% of the owners gave the S-310 a five-star rating. Out of that group, only one review (.02%) had negative comments. This one person prefers the charred flavor of a charcoal grill and did not appreciate the wonders of a gas grill. Most owner agree that the Genesis S-310 grill has everything you need in a quality gas grill. Very well engineered, solid components, and well built. Some say it is a little expensive, but most agree that it is worth every penny. received twelve owner reviews on the natural gas Genesis S-310, and all twelve unanimously agreed to score the grill with five stars. Each of these owners tell that this grill fits their needs exactly, and is more than they expected from an outdoor grill. All reviewers agreed on the following performances:

  • extremely well made
  • expected to last a while
  • evenly heats across entire surface
  • easy clean up
  • looks great in the backyard

Even long-time owners appreciate the quality and durability, no service, and little maintenance required. Most agreed the assembly was fairly easy. Some would prefer more words, or more descriptive pictures, but the parts do come together and the final product is a reliable, good-looking, efficient gas grill.

For consumers that have access to natural gas service, this grill is recommended for you. Set up is fairly simple, and the time spent is well worth it. Grilling is a breeze; no charcoal bricks to mess with. These grill owners especially enjoyed Weber’s version of Flavorizer bars and the easy-to-read thermometer. The 10-foot flexible natural gas line allows you to move your grill into the best location. This grill is noted for being a quality American-made creation.

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