Weber Genesis S-330 Reviews and Prices

by | Jun 1, 2015

The Weber Genesis S-330 is a stainless steel grilling apparatus with three stainless steel burners, and a flush-mounted side burner. The side-burner is a 10,000 BTU-per-hour Sear Burner Station that gives your outdoor cooking restaurant steak-house quality. Another useful and quality feature on the Genesis S-330 is the individual electronic ignition which makes outdoor cooking simple and enjoyable.

Weber Genesis S-330

Overall rating based on over 43 user reviews:
Five stars
5 stars for an “Superb” rating.

Users of the Weber Genesis S-330 most appreciated:

  • The sear-burner. There were many compliments on this handy feature.
  • Easy assembly
  • Quality customer service from Weber
  • Quality construction of the grill

Weber Genesis S-330 Reviews Summary

The information below is a summary of reviews by users of the Weber Genesis S-330.

Reviews found on overwhelming appreciate the Weber Genesis S-330 outdoor grill. Of the 43 reviews, 38 rated this popular grill with the maximum five-star rating, four gave the grill a four-star rating, and only one consumer reviewed the S-330 with the lowest rating of one star. That single negative review had an experience with this Weber grill that appears to be rare.

This one customer found that the S-330 propane gas grill took too long to heat up, and once it seemed ready for cooking the heat was not distributed evenly. Adding to the frustration for this consumer, Weber’s customer service was not too interested in the problems that had occurred. This rare individual felt that his money was wasted on a defective product.

Genesis S-330 flavorizer barsContrary to the single one-star review, all other reviews agreed that the Genesis S-330 is a quality-built, easy to use stainless-steel propane gas grill, with features not found on any other grill in this price-range. These reviews claim great grilling experiences, with steady heat, convenient side-burner, and most important, a delicious meal. Other favorite features included with the Weber Genesis S-330 is that Weber built this model easy to clean, and the flavorizer bars contribute an additional delicious taste.

Another irreplaceable feature, especially for steak-lovers, is the Searing Station. This feature helps the grill heat faster, and is considered a necessity for creating great steaks, making impressive grill marks. Users claim the end product for steaks cooked on the S-330 grill competes with what any steakhouse can offer. The S-330 grilled steak has juicy flavor, nice texture, with an ideal charred crust. The entire line of Genesis grills are rated top-of-the-line in outdoor cooking and rarely in question for quality and delicious end result.

Overall, both amateur home-style grillers, and more experienced outdoor chefs consider the Genesis S-330 to be a great product and well worth the money. Easy to assemble and even easier to use, the Weber Genesis S-330 also looks good in your backyard. Most users are happy with the stainless appearance, that lasts for years.

Genesis S-330 Side BurnerThis gas grill comes with a reliable electronic ignition system, flush-mounted side-burner, and two extra large stainless steel side tables. This model also offers the convenience of front-mount control knobs. In previous Weber products, these control knobs were place on the side table. Moving the knobs to the front table gives you easy-access and full-on heat control.

Another noted feature of the Weber Genesis S-330 gas grill is an enclosed section that conceals the liquid propane gas tank and precise fuel gauge so you know exactly how much fuel you have at all times. The liquid propane tank is sold separately. The Genesis S-330 is built to last a very long time (up to 20 years), and the stainless steel covering, in addition to the polished stainless steel handle makes this grill durable and capable of withstanding the outdoor elements and use over time.