Weber Q220 Grill Ratings and Review

by | Nov 15, 2012

May 21, 2015:  The Q220 has recently been discontinued.  It has been replaced with the new and updated Weber Q2200 portable grill.

The Original Review:

I received my Weber Q220 grill via UPS and put it together in about 5 minutes. I experienced extremely easy setup. Two pins for the cover, two screws for the handle , a nut for the thermometer. The Weber Q220 grill is very easy to set up, and I think that even the most mechanically dis-inclined could have this put together in 15 minutes.

Independent Review by Matthew Michael

Ease of Use 4.5 stars
Features and Durability 4.5 stars
Overall Value 4.5 stars

Weber Q220 Editor ReviewMy Weber Q220 grill was ready for a test run. I cooked a meal for my family of four on the new grill that same day. The Weber Q 220 got up to 300 degrees in just a couple of minutes, and seared the boneless chicken breast perfectly and made great grill marks on my fresh squash. I was VERY pleased on how well it cooked. The grill area is large enough to comfortably cook for a family of 4 with a few guests over. The Weber Q 220 grill surface is large enough to hold about 10 – 12 1/4lb. burgers, or a pack of hot dogs at one time. Just as important, the mass of the cast iron allows you to cook predictably fast and rotate food through with a decent rate/speed.

Weber Q220 Reviews from Amazon

Overall Rating Based on 97 User Reviews:
4 stars
4.5 Stars for an “Excellent” Rating.

Q220 Review Continued…

When closed, the Weber Q220 portable gas grill’s dimensions are 31″ long by 16″ wide. However, the front handle and rear hinges stick out a bit, making the width more like 18″ to 19″. Closed height is approx 16″ off the ground. Grill surface area is slightly football shaped and has a size of 15″ wide by 21″ long. The grill / grate itself is a 1 piece ceramic coated cast iron grill with solid sections that protect the burner below from drippings. This protection is a great idea! If you’ve ever cooked saucy, messy ribs on your grill you might have been out the next day cleaning out your clogged burners. Well, this little feature should help with that problem.

The Weber Q220 portable gas grill cover is approximately 7″ tall in the center and includes a built in thermometer. The height of the grill cover is approximately 1″ to 2″ taller than the Weber Q200 model. The extra cover height makes it adequate to grill a whole chicken, ½ turkey or family sized roast.

Cleaning the Weber Q220 is relatively easy, electronic start is always nice, the flip-out tables are designed well so that you can fit things under them. The controller/regulator seemed a little weird but since I’m a nerd I had no problem getting the level of flame I want.

The Weber Q 220 Grill is a great grill solution for these people…

  • Anyone who wants a dependable and stylish grill to bring along on road trips. This is a PORTABLE grill, and is great to bring along camping, on RV trips, to tailgate parties, or anywhere else.
  • Anyone who needs a basic, affordable, and dependable grill for family cooking at home – BUT also a grill that will pack n’ go.
  • Those with limited space (such as an apartment or townhouse).
  • Anyone who loves great BBQ meats and seafood cooked on great equipment.

Key Features of the Weber Q220 Grill

  • 280 square inch total cooking area
  • 12,000 BTU-per-hour input
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Infinite control burner valve
  • Removable catch pan
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate
  • Electronic ignition
  • Uses disposable 14.1 – or 16.4 oz. LP cylinder
  • Weber® Q™ recipe booklet
  • 5-year limited warranty

Weber Q220 Gas Grill Pros & Cons

The Pros:

  • For a portable grill, the Weber Q220is generous on grill space. There is enough room to easily fit 6 burgers on it, or two average sized tri-tips.
  • The 12,000 BTUs provides plenty of heat. You can get a good sear with a short preheat.
  • Even heating throughout the grill surface. This is great because all the meat will cook evenly.
  • The extra height and the built-in thermometer are great upgrades from the Q200. That little bit of extra height

The Cons:

  • I hear complaints about faulty regulators. Well, I don’t think that’s an issue directly with the grill. I think that comes from overuse or from running off of a 20lb propane tank. Remember that this is designed to be a portable grill.
  • Because it is electronic ignition, it does run on batteries. If it ever stops working – check the batteries!!! This is not really a “con” but this seemed a good spot to place this tidbit.

Recommended Accessories

While this little baby will work perfectly right out of the box, there are some nice accessories to go with this grill. The accessories I recommend are..

  • Vinyl Cover 6550 – This cover will help extend the life of your grill and keep the dirt and dust out when you’re not using it. The cover is heavy duty, and will last for a long time. I have one on my grill, which is stored outside in Arizona. The cover has lasted three years so far, and shows no sign of needing replacement.
  • Weber 6507 Rolling Cart – This cart makes it easy to transport a Weber Q grill right to the action and then set it up for cooking. For ride mode, simply fold the cart down, place the grill into position on top, and strap it in (strap included). The lower shelf has an integrated handle for pulling and two caster wheels provide smooth rolling. To park the cart, remove the grill and unfold, then set the grill back on. The stand locks securely in place when in use, then folds compactly for storing in car trunks and compact areas. This cart fits Weber Q 100 and Weber Q 200 series grills and Weber Char Q grills.
  • 6501 6-Foot Adapter Hose – In my opinion, this is a MUST! Buy two! If you want to hook up a 5 gallon propane tank to you grill, you will need this. If you’re using this at home a bigger tank will save you a bunch of money in the long haul, while reducing waste.

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