Weber Summit S-420 Grill Overview

by | Mar 16, 2015

Owning a Weber Summit S-420 grill will make you proudly say it is one of the best investments you can make. The Weber Summit  S-420 gas grill is highly recommended by almost all serious grilling consumers.

Weber Summit S-420

Weber Summit S-420 Gas Grill

The Weber Summit S-420 gas grill is a smaller counterpart the Weber Summit free-standing model, the Weber S-620. The Weber Summit S-420 is extensively cook-tested to ensure the cooking area maintains even temperatures with no hot or cold spots. Features of this grill include the following:

  • Small free-standing grill
  • 6 Tool Hooks
  • Easy to follow, illustrated, step-by-step instructions
  • Owner’s Guide and Weber cookbook
  • Limited warranty

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The Weber Summit S-420 is loaded with features that include:

  • A stainless steel enclosed cart and chrome-plated cast aluminum handles.
  • The cooking system, rated at 48,800 BTUs, includes four stainless steel gas burners.
  • The flush-mounted side burner is considered an excellent additional feature.
  • “Flavorizer bars“, are angled to direct juices down and away from burners to produce flavorful smoke without flare-ups.
  • With a main grilling area of 528 square inches, this grill is perfect for small gatherings, up to about ten people.

Weber Summit S-420 Reviews

Weber Summit S-420 Tank Gauge

AMAZON.COM: Overall Review Rating – Five Stars (out of Five)

As of April 9, 2015, there are 33 Amazon reviews.

The positive reviews all agree on the easy assembly, and Weber’s service commitment. Weber’s customer service has always been rated A-1, and you know they’ll be around in the future. Reviews claim that the S-420 provides relaxing and quality grilling, regardless of what you cook. With this grill you get consistent great texture and taste from catfish to filet mignon, including great grill marks.

General Impressions of the Weber Summit S-420 Grill

Weber Summit S-420 Side BurnerAdjusting the four burners independently without moving the food has been called “magic” by grillers who use the Weber Summit S-420 Grill. The cooking surface and burners give you a lot of options for indirect cooking and large food volumes at the same time. Fans of this grill are impressed with how quickly it pre-heats to as much as 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

In comparison to lower priced gas grills, owners admit that their cheaper grills produced inconsistent results with many ruined meals. Weber grills may seem expensive compared to ones you may consider, but it is absolutely worth the extra money. The construction is excellent, and with reasonable care, it should last for many years.

After researching many grills, you will find the S-420 technology is easy, reliable, and lives up to a quality reputation. The stainless design is impressive, and the doors of the storage area below are double-sided for sturdiness. With this grill you can proudly say it is one of the best investments you will make. The Summit  S-420 gas grill is highly recommended by almost all serious grilling consumers.