Weber Summit S-420 Reviews

by | Mar 24, 2015

The Weber Summit S-420 gas grill is similar to the already amazing Summit E-420 in almost every way. Both Summit grills are optimized with the same four-burner, 48,000 BTU grills and the 12,000 BTU-per-hour Side Burner that is flush-mounted. They also have a total cooking area of 650 square inches, stainless steel flavorizer bars designed by Weber, and quality construction built to last. The difference between the two is that the S-420 is the Stainless Steel version. Similar to the E-420, the S-420 gas grill is sold with two model numbers:

7120001 – Liquid Propane (LP)
7220001 – Natural Gas (NG)

Also, similar to the E-420 Summit grill, the S-420 has the enclosed storage area for the propane gas tank (sold separately), and a ten-foot hose to connect natural gas to the source (depending on which model you choose).

Weber Summit S-420 : Simply Amazing

Four stars
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Number of Reviews: 57 (as of May 23, 2017)
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Weber Summit S-420 Side BurnerReviews of the S-420 grill also reflect “top of the line” five-star ratings. Weber test their grills in extreme weather conditions before they leave the factory, so they are certain that their grills will withstand harshest environments. If you are grilling in bitter cold, high humidity, or salt water conditions, Weber customer service stands behind their outdoor grills.

The S-420 Summit gas grill comes with the battery operated grill handle light and six tool holders just like the E-420. While most reviews gave positive comments on the S-420 grill, a few consumers were disappointed to learn after purchase, that the grill is not stainless on every part and it may rust quickly. While admittedly a sturdy and simple design, some consumers felt that for the price and the stainless steel claim, they did not get what they expected.

Just as presented above, users found many pros and few cons when reviewing the Summit S-420:

Summit S-420 Lighted KnobsFrom Real Users:  The Pros…

  • Nice design and quality construction
  • Quick and efficient grill time
  • Portable (Editors note:  We take this to mean that it’s easy to move around the patio – not that it’s portable like the Q Grill)
  • Attractive
  • Easy assembly; easy cleaning

From Real Users: The Cons…

  • Price
  • Warming rack not very useful
  • Rusts too quickly

Reviews indicated that most consumers were happy that the S-420 was easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to clean. Five-star ratings indicate that this Summit stainless steel grill (S-420) has an attractive design, dependable even heating, and quality construction.

Weber Summit S-420

Five-star reviews claim the S-420 Summit grill great for searing and indirect cooking. During slower, longer cooking the S-420 maintains a consistent heat. Users of the Weber Summit S-420 found many uses for the gas grill, from small to large gatherings of friends, neighbors, and family. Consistently, users of Weber grills expect their outdoor appliance to last more than ten years, maybe even 20 years with the optional cover and very little maintenance.