Weber Summit S-620 Gas Grill Reviews and Comparisons

by | May 21, 2016

The Weber Summit S-620 gas grill offers the same features as the well-liked E-620 black porcelain-enamel colored grill (specific features listed at bottom of this article). The Summit S-620 model is stainless-steel and comes in both liquid propane and natural gas versions:

Four stars
Overall Rating: 3.9/5
Number of Reviews: 29 (as of March 23, 2017)
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Weber Summit S-620 frontA few of the many features of the Summit S-620 stainless steel gas grill include:

  • Fully enclosed stainless steel cart
  • Porcelain enameled cooking grates
  • Stainless steel covering with polished handles and trim
  • Accent painted cast aluminum end caps
Summit S620 handle lights

Summit S620 handle lights help you see during nighttime cooking sessions.

The stainless steel enclosed cart on the S-620 comes with chrome plated cast aluminum handles. This grill uses the same cooking system as the E-620, rated at 60,000 BTUs and six stainless steel burners that use the familiar Snap-Jet individual burner ignition system. The stainless steel Flavorizer bars and 3/8 inch diameter stainless steel cooking rods give any outdoor grilling party a professional flair.

With a substantial cooking surface of 838 square inches, including a good-sized warming area, the S-620 offers beauty and style to your outdoor barbeque while providing capacity to grill for the neighborhood. Swivel casters on the backside allow for easy movement of the grill, while front locking casters provide stability during cooking. Whether you prefer liquid propane grilling or natural gas, the stainless-steel version of the Summit S-620 will not disappoint you in your grilling efforts. As in the case of the Summit E-620, this Weber product is fairly new on the market and has not collected many customer reviews.

However, 24 reviews for the Summit S-620 outdoor grill indicate that 23 consumers had little to complain about, and only one user gave the grill a one-star review. According to this negative review, the S-620 Weber Summit model did not hold up in beach-weather, salty air climates. The limited warranty covers only Weber’s defects, but not rust or typical wear and tear for certain locations.

On the other hand, most users enjoyed the easy assembly, even heat throughout the cooking process, high quality of the grill, and flavor of the food. Typical pros and cons of the S-620 include:

Summit s620 grill surface

Summit s620 grill surface

Grill users’ most commonly complimented:

  • Two handle lights included
  • Short grill time; even heat throughout
  • Multi-fuel ability (propane or natural gas)
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble

Grill users’ most commonly complained about:

  • Grease trap collects rain (if not covered)
  • Grill cover not included

At this time, the available reviews claim great success with their Summit S-620 and Summit E-620 gas grills, and would recommend either of these units to their friends and family. Most consumers of gas grills claim that you can’t go wrong with Weber, and the Summit family is considered to be one of the best quality manufactured outdoor grills.

Summit s620 knobsWeber Summit S-620 Grill Specs

  • 6 Stainless steel burners
  • 60,000 BTU-per-hour input
  • 12,000 BTU-per-hour input flush-mounted side burner
  • Snap-Jet™ individual burner ignition system
  • 3/8 inch or 9mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Stainless steel Flavorizer® bars
  • Primary cooking area = 693 sq in
  • Warming rack area = 145 sq in
  • Total cooking area = 838 sq in
  • Tank not included with LP models
  • Natural gas grill includes a 10-foot flexible hose
  • 2 Grill Out® handle lights
  • 6 Tool hooks
  • Limited warranty
  • Owner’s guide and recipes

Grill Dimensions

  • With the lid open:
  • Height: 57.1 inches
  • Width R-L: 74.1 inches
  • Depth: 30 inches