Weber Summit E-420 Reviews

by | May 27, 2015

The Weber Summit E-420 grill is loaded with enough features that even the most seasoned of grill masters will respect it and love it. The Summit E-420 gives you a total cooking area of 650-square-inches, complete with a warming rack area and a 12,000 BTU-per-hour input side burner. The generous grill space gives you plenty of room to grill a complete summertime meal for the entire family and company.  The Weber Summit E-420 is the least expensive and smallest among the Summit line of gas grills. This grill is sold as two model numbers:

Weber Summit E-4207121001 – Liquid Propane (LP)
7221001 – Natural Gas (NG)

Either gas grill model has four 48,000 BTU burners and an additional 12,200 BTU side burner. As you can expect from Weber, this grill produces intense heat while burning less fuel. The primary cooking area on the E-420 is 538 square inches, with an additional warming rack that measures 112 square inches. The tank is not included with the liquid propane model, however, this model does have a precise fuel gauge mounted on the front of the control panel and an enclosed storage area for the propane tank. The natural gas version includes a ten-foot hose for connection to the gas source.

Weber’s design of stainless steel Flavorizer bars is included on the E-420 model, along with their original Snap-Jet burner ignition system for each of the four burners. The Summit E-420 is commonly offered in black porcelain enamel, but may also be found in a copper color. With this model, all versions and colors come with two durable swivel casters that lock into place, and two sturdy back swivel casters, which help to make the unit somewhat portable. High-quality materials and craftsmanship make the E-420 a popular selling grill that should last many years.

Summit E-420 Grill SurfaceThe two stainless steel work surfaces give ample room for cooking a variety of tasty meals that could include cooking a turkey or searing a steak, or anything you might expect to do on a gas grill. Other features of the E-420 grill include six handy tool hooks, and a battery-powered handle light. As typical of other Weber grills, the E-420 comes with a limited warranty, owner’s guide, and suggested recipes.

Consumers that reviewed this grill gave high praise to the construction of the E-420 and consider Weber’s customer service to be among the best, twenty-four hours a day, any day of the year (except Christmas Day). Weber presented the Summit E-420 in 2008, and this gas grill continues to be one of the favorite models available. A large majority of reviews found very little to complain about, and on a scale from one to five, most users considered the E-420 to be worthy of the highest five-star rating.

Summit E420 FrontOne of the most popular features found on the E-420 are the front controls not previously found on prior Weber grills. The smooth stainless edges are safer and allow for easier cleaning than older Weber models. Easy to set up, looks great, and the new ignition system make this model popular with most grilling consumers that considered this model to meet their expectations at a reasonable price.

Other happy users said that they were repeat customers and considered the Summit E-420 to be an upgrade to their older models that had lasted many years. An overall review of the pros and cons include:

Reviewers’ Best Things About the Summit E-420:

  • Nice physical features – looks good in the backyard
  • High heat distributed evenly through four stainless steel burners
  • Quality construction
  • Warranty and customer support from Weber

Reviewers’ Cons About the Summit E-420:

  • Cover sold separately
  • Handle light not very useful

Among the few complaints against the E-420 is that the unit is not water proof, and does not come with a cover. According to these unhappy customers, rain-water runs into the grease collector and creates a mess. Calls to Weber’s customer support suggested buying a cover as the only solution they could offer. Considering that this is the “top of the line series”, and while reasonably priced, the unit is not cheap, some customers are disappointed that this is the best service Weber can provide.  However, we at see the complaints on no included cover as a nit-picky item.  Grills generally don’t include a cover, and when investing in a high-end grill to keep on the patio, you should already know to keep it out of the rain.

The large majority that was happy with their purchase of the Summit E-420 gas grill, whether using liquid propane or natural gas, had purchased the grill cover separately.