Weber Q200 Grill Reviews

by | Mar 15, 2015

The Weber Q200 portable grill is perhaps the most popular portable grill in the Weber q grill family. The Weber q200 grill is a combination of a high performance cooking system that folds for carrying, making it a powerful, portable grill.

The Weber q200 grill operates on a 14.1 ounce propane cylinder, and comes with a card-deck of recipes that show color photographs of each recipe created specifically for use with the Weber Q. The grill fits on a small patio, great for grilling at the beach, or camping in the wilderness.

Overall Rating Based on 91 User Reviews:
4 stars
4 Stars for an “Excellent” Rating.

User Reviewed Pros:

  • Easy to assemble, parts plainly labeled
  • Handles remain cool through hours of cooking
  • Easy to light, and very dependable.
  • Great value for the price

There are many varieties of the Weber Q series. The Weber Q200 is larger than the previous Q 100 and 120 models, with a 280 square inch total cooking area and a 12,000 BTU-per-hour input. The Q 200 version also has work tables with tool hooks, that easily fold and store inside the grill. Weber also builds a Q 220 grill that offers very little differences from the Q 200. The Weber q220 has a temperature gauge built into the lid, and has a slightly taller lid for roasting.

Weber Q200 Conveniences…

  • Push-button ignition.
  • Reliable lighting.
  • Adjustable burner valve.
  • Accessories available to increase efficiency.
Weber Q200 with available stand accessory

The Weber Q200 Rolling Cart puts the Q200 at waist level.


Weber Q series rolling cart

The Weber Q rolling cart makes transportation a breeze!

Weber Q220 Grill Reviews:

  • If you look at the customer reviews on Amazon, there are currently 91 customer reviews.
  • Over 86% of Weber Q 200 reviews gave the gas grill five or four stars in performance, portability, and overall quality. (72% were in the five star category) This high majority considered the Q 200 to provide quick, clean, and convenient cooking any time. Although portable, the grilling area is large enough to cook for a small crowd and is thought to cook as well as a grill five times larger. They also agreed that the cast iron grate keeps the temperature stable resulting in evenly cooked food.
  • Most of the negative reviews were critical of the recommended propane tank. Apparently, at least in some locations, the 14.1 ounce cylinder is not so easy to find. Actual standard size for a propane bottle is 16oz. The 14.1oz bottle for the Weber Q is taller and thinner, and can be found at hardware stores. Larger hardware departments and chain stores in their areas do not stock the 14.1oz size. RECOMMENDED FIX: If you are using this grill at home, consider purchasing the 6′ adapter hose, which allows you to use your grill with a 5lb propane canister (see at This is what I do – but I keep a few smaller propane bottles handy as well.

Weber Q200 grill with accessories. This grill is combined with the grill cart, and the adaptor hose connected to an external propane tank.

Although the numbers are low in comparison, a few users that had the grill shipped to their homes found some parts broken when it arrived. However the broken parts were replaced, and once in use, the grill worked well. Weber is known for top notch customer service, and they ship replacement parts out very quickly

Additional user reviews claim the Weber Q200 to be so well designed that is sets the standard for similar products. They agree that it is small, efficient, and affordable. The Q is a perfect grill for everyday cooking at home or away.

The work surfaces on the side of the grill are a remarkable feature on a portable grill. Most reviews agree that the Weber Q 200 is the best portable gas grill on the market today.

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